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Name Jean Lepropre
Former position at RUN Researcher
Current affiliation Star-Apic
Current personal page
Biographical Notes
Jean Lepropre joined RUN in September 2004 and left in June 2007.
Current diploma(s) : 4-year degree in computer science, 2004, ULg; Inter-university Master in Computer Science, 2006, ULg
Publications at RUN
* Traffic Engineering an Operational Network with the TOTEM Toolbox
S. Balon, J. Lepropre, O. Delcourt, F. Skivée and G. Leduc
Keywords : BGP, IP, MPLS, TE, TOTEM, Traffic Engineering
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IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM), vol. 4, nb. 1, Jun. 2007, pp. 51-61
* Inferring Groups of Correlated Failures
J. Lepropre and G. Leduc
Keywords : clustering, failures, inference, SRLG
Mots-clés : clustering, inférence, pannes, SRLG
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Proc. of CoNext 2006, Student Workshop, 4-7 Dec. 2006, Lisbon, Portugal.
* TOTEM: A TOolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods
J. Lepropre, S. Balon and G. Leduc
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Demonstration at INFOCOM'06, 23-29 April 2006, Barcelona, Spain.
* Providing public intradomain traffic matrices to the research community
Steve Uhlig, Bruno Quoitin, J. Lepropre and S. Balon
Keywords : intra-domain traffic matrices, traffic statistics
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ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, vol. 36, nb. 1, Jan 2006, pp. 83-86
(ISI IF 2006 = 0.578)
* Architecture d'une boîte à outils d'algorithmes d'ingénierie de trafic et application au réseau GEANT
F. Skivée, S. Balon, O. Delcourt, J. Lepropre and G. Leduc
Mots-clés : MPLS, Boîte à outils, DAMOTE, Géant, Ingénierie de trafic
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Actes de Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingénierie des Protocoles (CFIP), 29 Mar.-1 Avr. 2005, Bordeaux, France, Richard Castanet (ed.), Ingénierie des protocoles - Qualité de service, multimédia et mobilité, pp. 317-332, Hermès Lavoisier
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