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Name Simon Liénardy
Position Research assistant
Phone +32 4 366 93 49
Fax + 32 4 366 29 89
Biographical Notes
Simon Liénardy is a Research assistant in RUN since October 2013.
Current diploma(s) : Engineer in Computer Science (Master degree), ULg, 2013
Publications at RUN
* CAFE: Automatic Correction and Feedback of Programming Challenges for a CS1 Course
S. Linardy, L. Leduc, D. Verpoorten and B. Donnet
Keywords : Assessment for Learning, Graphical Loop Invariant
Proc. of ACM 22nd Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE), 3-7 Feb. 2020, Melbourne, Australia
* Graphical Loop Invariant Programming in CS1
S. Linardy, L. Malcev and B. Donnet
Keywords : Assesment for Learning, Feedback, Feedforward, Gralphical Loop Invariant
Proc. of Grascomp Doctoral Day 2019 (GDD'19), 22-22 Nov. 2019, Namur, Belgium
* CAFE: an automatic and on-line learning system to guide freshmen towards the meeting of Higher Education requirements
S. Linardy, L. Leduc and B. Donnet
Proc. of European First Year Experience Conference 2018, 25-27 Jun. 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands
* Towards a Multipath TCP Aware Load Balancer
S. Linardy and B. Donnet
Proc. of Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW), 16 Jul. 2016, Berlin, Germany

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