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Name Tom Barbette
Former position at RUN PhD
Current affiliation KTH Stockholm, Sweden
Biographical Notes
Tom Barbette joined RUN in September 2013 and left in July 2018.
Current diploma(s) : MSc and PhD in Computer Science, University of Liège
Publications at RUN
* Building a chain of high-speed VNFs in no time
T. Barbette, C. Soldani, R. Gaillard and L. Mathy
Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on High Performance Switching and Routing, 17-20 Jun. 2018, Bucharest, Romania
* A low-level dive into building a high-speed NFV dataplane for service chaining
T. Barbette, C. Soldani, R. Gaillard and L. Mathy
Proc. of Eurosys 2018, 23-26 Apr. 2018, Porto, Portugal
* Metron: NFV Service Chains at the True Speed of the Underlying Hardware
GP. Katsikas, T. Barbette, D. Kostic, R. Steinert and GQ. Maguire Jr.
Proc. of The 15th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), 9-11 Apr. 2018, Renton, WA, USA
* Architecture for programmable network infrastructure
T. Barbette
Doctoral thesis, University of Liège
ULg, 2018, 0 pp.
* Fast Userspace Packet Processing
T. Barbette, C. Soldani and L. Mathy
Keywords : Click modular router, fast packet I/O, high speed networking, Intel DPDK, multi-queue, netmap, network processing, NUMA, performance, routers, userspace I/O
Lisez le rsum
Proc. of ANCS 2015, 7-8 May 2015, Oakland, CA, ACM/IEEE (ed.), pp. 5-16

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