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Session A: MAC Layer Enhancements

* DQDB for Time Constrained Services
Guven Mercankosk, Z.L. Budrikis, A. Cantoni
QPSX Communications Ltd, Australia, Australian Telecommunications Research Institute, Australia
* A New Reservation Scheme for CRMA High-Speed Networks
Nen-Fu Huang, Chung-Ching Chiou, Chiung-Shien Wu
National Tsing Hua University, Republic of China
* A Host Interface Architecture for High-Speed Networks
Peter A. Steenkiste, Brian D. Zill, H.T. Kung, Steven J. Schlick, Jim Hughes, Bob Kowalski, John Mullaney
Carnegie Mellon University, USA, Network Systems Corporation, USA

Session B: Flow and Rate Control

* Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation and Access Control of Virtual Paths in ATM Broadband Networks
Ibrahim Wahby Habib, Tarek N. Saadawi
City University of New York, USA
* Congestion Control - Effective Bandwidth Allocation in ATM Networks
E.D. Sykas, K.M. Vlakos, K.P. Tsoukatos, E.N. Protonotarios
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
* A High Speed Data Link Control Protocol
Ahmed N.Tantawy, Hanafy Meleis
IBM Res. Div., T.J. Watson Research Center,USA, DEC, Reading, UK

Session C: Parallel Implementation and Transport Protocols

* Parallel TCP/IP for Multiprocessor Workstations
Kurt Maly, S. Khanna, R. Mukkamala, C.M. Overstreet, R. Yerraballi, E.C. Foudriat, B. Madan
Old Dominion University, USA
* TCP/IP on the Parallel Protocol Engine
Erich Rütsche, Matthias Kaiserswerth
IBM Research Division, Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland
* A High-Speed Protocol Parallel Implementation: Design and Analysis
Thomas F. La Porta, Mischa Schwartz
AT&T Bell Laboratories, USA, Columbia University, New York, USA

Session D: Multimedia Communication Systems

* Orchestration Services for Distributed Multimedia Synchronisation
Andrew Campbell, Geoff Coulson, Francisco Garcia, David Hutchison
Lancaster University, UK
* Towards an Integrated Quality of Service Architecture (QoS-A) for Distributed Multimedia Communications
Helmut Leopold, Andrew Campbell, David Hutchison, Niklaus Singer
Alcatel ELIN Research, Austria, Lancaster University, UK
* JVTOS - A Reference Model for a New Multimedia Service
Gabriel Dermler, Konrad Froitzheim
University of Stuttgart, Germany, University of Ulm, Germany
* Experiences with the Heidelberg Multimedia Communication System: Multicast, Rate Enforcement and Performance
Andreas Cramer, Manny Farber, Brian McKellar, Ralf Steinmetz
IBM European Networking Center , Germany

Session E: QoS Semantics and Management

* Client-Network Interactions in Quality of Service Communication Environments
Domenico Ferrari, Jean Ramaekers, Giorgio Ventre
International Computer Science Institute, USA
* The OSI 95 Connection-mode Transport Service - The Enhanced Qos
A. Danthine, Y. Baguette, G. Leduc, L. Léonard
University of Liège, Institut d'Electricité Montefiore B28, B-4000 Liège 1, Belgium
Keywords: Transport Service, connection-mode, multimedia, broadband and high-speed networks, OSI 95
Read the astract, download the PS document , or the (gzip) compressed PS document.
* QoS : From Definition to Management
Noëmie Simoni, Simon Znaty
TELECOM Paris, France

Session F: Evaluation of High Speed Communication Systems

* ISO OSI FTAM and High Speed File Transfer: No Contradiction
Martin Bever, Ulrich Schäffer, Claus Schottmüller
IBM European Networking Center, Germany
* Analysis of a Delay Based Congestion Avoidance Algorithm
Walid Dabbous
INRIA, France
* Performance Issues in Designing Network Interfaces : A Case Study
K.K. Ramakrishnan
Digital Equipment Corporation, USA

Session G: High Performance Protocol Mechanisms

* Multicast Provision for High Speed Networks
A.G. Waters
University of Essex, UK
* Transport Layer Multicast: An Enhancement for XTP Bucket Error Control
Harry Santoso, Serge Fdida
MASI, Université P.et M. Curie, France, MASI, Université René Descartes, France
* A Performance Study of the XTP Error Control
Arne A. Nilsson, Meejeong Lee,
North Carolina State University, USA

Session H: Protocol Implementation

* ADAPTIVE An Object-Oriented Framework for Flexible and Adaptive Communication Protocols
Donald F. Box, Douglas C. Schmidt, Tatsuya Suda
University of California, Irvine, USA
* HIPOD : An Architecture for High-Speed Protocol Implementations
A.S. Krishnakumar, J.G. Kneuer, A.J. Shaw
AT&T Bell Laboratories, USA
* Parallel Transport System Design
Torsten Braun, Martina Zitterbart
University of Karlsruhe, Germany, IBM Res. Div., T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

Session I: Network Interconnection

* A Rate-based Congestion Avoidance Scheme for Interconnected DQDB Metropolitan Area Networks
Nen-Fu Huang, Chiung-Shien Wu, Chung-Ching Chiou
National Tsing Hua University, Rep.of China
* Interconnection of LANs/802.6 Customer Premises Equipments (CPEs) via SMDS on Top of ATM : a case description
W. Rozenblad, B. Li, R. Peschi
Alcatel Bell Telephone, Research Centre, Belgium
* Architectures for Interworking between B-ISDN and Frame Relay
J. Vozmediano, J. Berrocal, J. Vinyes,
ETSI Telecomunicacion, Spain

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