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Comparison of TP4, TCP and XTP, Part 2: Data Transfer Mechanisms

Y. Baguette1 and A. Danthine1

1 Research unit in Networking, EECS department, University of Liège, Belgium



This paper is the second part of a comparative study of the transport mechanisms of three protocols: ISO TP4, XTP ad, to a lesser extent, DARPA TCP. Whereas the first part is entirely dedicated to the connection management mechanisms, the mechanisms compared in this second part are those used during the phase of data transmission over a connection. The comparison aims in highlighting the limitations and drawbacks of the data transfer mechanisms of the existing TP4 and TCP protocols as regards their applicability in HSLANs environments characterised by a high bandwidth and a low error rate. It also aims at clearly identifying the area where the emerging XTP contributes to the improvement of the past situation. Like its companion paper, this paper takes account of the last Revision 3.6 of XTP and of the upgraded version of the ISO Transport Protocol which has been circulated for ballot as Draft International Standard (DIS) 8073.

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