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On the Provision of a Fast Connect Facility in a Connection-Mode Transport Service

G. Leduc1 and A. Danthine1

1 Research unit in Networking, EECS department, University of Liège, Belgium



A "fast connect" facility in a connection-mode service allows the calling service user to send service data units without waiting for the rount trip delay associated with the successful establishment of the connection. In this paper we investigate how such a fast connect facility can be added to a connection-mode transport service. Starting from the eXpress Transfer Protocol (XTP) which is at the origin of the concepr, we analyse the High Speed Transport Service (HSTS) and study how it can be improved by the introduction of a listening interaction at the called side. After having criticized these two transport facilities, we finally propose three possible models of the fast connect facility. The first one is the 4-primitive connection establishment from the Broadbant Transport Service (BTS) and the last ones are two 3-primitive connection establishment.


connection-mode, fast-connect, transport service

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