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Is ATM a Continuity or a Discontinuity for the LAN Environment ?

A. Danthine1 and O. Bonaventure1

1 Research unit in Networking, EECS department, University of Liège, Belgium



The introduction of ATM has raised a lot of interest and controversy in the data communcation world. After the presentation of the ITU view of the ATM and of the legacy LANs, the two paradigms for the introduction of ATM are discussed. The replacement of the access method of the legacy LANs by an access control based on a policing function on the network side and on a shaping function on the user side is a clear discontinuity. However, the authors show that the need for a control of the access rate was already present in large networks involving the interconnection of legacy LANs through the wide area. The final conclusion is that trying to hide the characteristics of ATM to the applications is a short term view where opportunities may be missed.


ATM, legacy LANs, rate control

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