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The Video Dial Tone and the ATM Environment

A. Danthine1

1 Research unit in Networking, EECS department, University of Liège, Belgium



After the presentation of the Video Dial Tone Service in the introduction, the various forms of the VDT network are reviewed. The DAVIC General System is used to present the basic model of a Video on Demand system. After a short review of the MPEG, we discuss the ITU view of the Video Dial Tone in an ATM environment and present the three protocol stacks. The ATM Forum specifications for Video on Demand in an ATM environment is a vastly reduced subset of the ITU reference model. We also discuss the problem of the jitter on the MPEG TS packets, jitter which jeopardizes the clock synchronisation. It is in the framework of the ATM Forum view that the Video on Demand scenarios are presented in details. The ATM Forum has also specified the LAN Emulation to integrate ATM in a LAN environment but it is shown that the support for the multimedia is far from adequate. From work going on in different groups, there is a tiny hope for a future convergence.


MPEG-2 over ATM, multimedia, video dial tone, video on demand

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