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QoS specification of ODP binding objects

A. Février1 , E. Najm1, G. Leduc2 and L. Léonard2

1 ENST, Paris, France
2 Research unit in Networking, EECS department, University of Liège, Belgium



We present a QoS oriented notation suitable for the ODP framework. In particular, we focus on a computational view of objects: we consider systems described as configurations of interacting objects and we deal with two types of communications: message passing and flows. In message passing, signals (from one object to another) are conveyed through the (implicit) underlying infrastructure. This form of interaction is suitable for client/server applications where no strong real time or ordering constraints are needed from the communication infrastructure. In contract, in a flow type of communication, signals are conveyed through third party (binding) objects that may be explicitly called for in order to ensure specific QoS requirements needed by specific applications. A building blocks approach for the formal specification of binding objects in the ODP computational model is presented. The formal notation that is used is based on LOTOS extended with two features - real time and gate passing. These features are among the extensions that are currently studied in the ISO standardisation Formal Description Techniques group. We apply our building blocks approach to the specification of a multicast, multimedia binding object.

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