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A RED discard strategy for ATM networks and its performance evaluation with TCP/IP Traffic

V. Rosolen2 , O. Bonaventure1 and G. Leduc2

1 Alcatel Bell, Antwerpen, Belgium
2 Research unit in Networking, EECS department, University of Liège, Belgium



In ATM UBR networks supporting TCP traffic, optimal efficiency can only be envisaged if switches adopt a discard mechanism that operates at the packet level rather than the cell level. In this paper, we define a variant of the RED discard strategy suitable for ATM switches. An interesting feature of this ATM-RED is that it has a similar per-VC implementation complexity as the Early Packet Discard (EPD) algorithm. To study the efficiency of the ATM-RED discard strategy, we compare its performance with plain the UBR, EPD and Fair Buffer Acceptance (FBA) discard strategies by means of simulation with TCP/IP traffic. We give comparative results with respect to different performance criteria such as goodput and fairness in various environments, such as end-to-end ATM networks and IP-based networks with an ATM backbone, in both single-bottlenecked and GFC topologies.

Ref: http://www.acm.org/sigcomm/ccr/archive/1999/jul99/ccr-9907-leduc.html


ATM, fairness, performance, RED, simulation, TCP/IP, UBR

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