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Jahmm - An HMM library

JahmmViz - A GUI for the Jahmm


JahmmViz is the graphical user interface (GUI) of the Jahmm library. The version proposed below is the one provided by the latest release of Jahmm. You can launch it using Java Web Start (a means of downloading a Java application and run it directly without any complex installation process).

Launch JahmmViz v0.2.5 using Java Web Start.

Only run it if you trust it will not be harmful in any way; it would be better to glance over the sources and compile it yourself. The JAR files have been signed using the certificate available here. You can import it using javaws (the Java Web Start front-end, found in the control panel under Microsoft Windows), but you do not have to, since it will be imported automatically if you click on the link above.

Compiling JahmmViz requires Java 1.5.0 (or newer); download it on Sun site and the following libraries:

To launch it, add all the jar files to your classpath (or extract them -- jar xf -- in a directory that is included in your classpath), and launch the class


How to use JahmmViz

This screenshot shows JahmmViz in action.
 Jahmm screenshot

The following is a description of the screenshot's windows:

Three (very simple) observation sequences are provided for testing:

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